Site-Specific Antibody Conjugation
for ADCs and Cellular Immunotherapy

For Antibody Drug Conjugations (ADCs)

Abcraft’s new generation site-specific ADC technology produce stable ADCs by linking the payloads to single pre-modified site of an IgG. All IgGs can be constructed to ADCs within 3 days without the need of antibody genetic engineering. The obtained ADCs can be used readily for functional evaluation including specificity, binding affinity, internalization, in vitro cell cytotoxicity and in vivo assays. The ideal model of ADCs construction boosts more stable new generation ADCs.

Our conjugation technology enables various functional ADCs developed for clinical and commercial use. Any kind of payloads, linkers, and antibodies correspond to your purposes.

For Cellular Immunotherapies

To treat both liquid and solid tumors with potential “living drugs”, one of Abcraft’s strategies focus on antibody-redirected immune cell therapy. Antibody-redirected T cell comprised of cytotoxic T-cells and bridged antibodies. One end of the bridged molecules target the tumor cells, the other end engage the T-cells and trigger downstream cell killing pathways. T-cells can be readily used without genetic engineering, which makes all existing antibodies transformed into cell immunotherapies seamlessly.

We utilizes facile and innovative method to conjugate antibodies to universal T-cells. It provides better quality control via uniform cell manufacturing. This technology could also applied on alternative effector cells such as macrophages and NK cells for different targeted disease. Off-the-shelf cell immunotherapy can tackle the drug pricing challenge, make cell immunotherapy be truly affordable and accessible in the future.

Technology License

Site-specific ADC construction

Fast Site-Specific Modification and Conjugation platform of IgGs for ADC construction.

Free sample trial available (Reagents for 2mg IgG site-specific conjugation with well designed linker-payload)


Cancer specific antibodies are fused with T cell activation related antibodies through simple modification. T cell can be activated and kill the targeted cells after engaging.

Free sample trial available for 100 ug of bridged antibodies (0.1mg/mL)

Targeted universal T-cell

Targeted universal T-cell contains an uniform activation domain, to which modified IgGs could be specifically conjugated.

In prototype & analytical validation stage.


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